Beach Development Strategy as Tourism Destination in Tabanan Bali


The purpose of the study is to: (1). Analyzing the attractiveness of Pasut Beach as one of the tourist destinations in Tabanan Regency. (2). Analyze the strategy of developing Pasut Beach as a tourist destination in Tabanan Regency. The research location was determined by purposive sampling Pasut Beach, located in Tibubiu Village, Kerambitan District, Tabanan on the basis of having a very suitable potential to be developed into a tourist destination. The sample of the study was taken by 49 people consisting of elements from the Government, community leaders and tourism actors. This study uses qualitative qualitative analysis method (giving more detailed reviews and interpretations of the data obtained and SWOT analysis. Furthermore, in the SWOT method the External Strategy Factor Matrix (EFAS) model and the Internal Strategy Factor Matrix Model (IFAS) are used, followed by IFE matrix and EFE matrix to determine the weight, rating and score and to determine the strategy and position of the quadrant I - E matrix, Beach Pas po is in the position in quadrant I, with the S-O strategy where the values ​​of strength and opportunity are equally high ( use the power to get opportunities) by improving the quality of human resources, especially in the field of mastering technology, communication and information.

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Suratini, N. L., Arnawa, I., & Wiswasta, I. G. N. A. (2019). Beach Development Strategy as Tourism Destination in Tabanan Bali. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 10(01), 21219-21228.
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Jan 29, 2019
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