Development Strategy Of Village Tourism Area In Petulu Village, Gianyar Regency

    I Wayan Gede Yana Suhendra Affiliation
    ; A. A. Putu Agung Affiliation
    ; Wayan Maba Affiliation


Tourism potential in Petulu Village is quite large but has not been optimally utilized to be developed as a tourism village given the constraints, such as weak human resources, weak understanding of the concept of tourism villages, uncertain natural conditions, and lack of tourism supporting infrastructure. This research was conducted to analyze the strategy in the development of Petulu Village as a kokokan tourism village in Gianyar Regency. Using SWOT analysis can analyze factors, opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. This research was conducted by combining two methods, namely: qualitative methods and quantitative methods, in their presentation in the form of tables and narratives. The results of the research strategy for the development of the kokokan tourism village in Petulu Gianyar Village are based on the SWOT matrix indicating that the strength and opportunity strategy factors have the highest value of 3,248, where the strength factor is 1,703 and the opportunity factor is 1,545. The development strategy is; 1). Developing bird watching attractions heron bird and making captivity to preserve heron bird; 2). Make tour packages with nearby tours such as monkey forest, clinging rice terrace, kokokan petulu, ubud; 3). Maintain and develop cultural and artistic traditions in the Petulu Village area, 4). Develop and improve carving production as souvenirs, in the form of statues, key chains, heron bird paintings; 5) Maintain the cleanliness of the natural environment; 6). Developing typical village culinary such as typical petulu, injin injur, satay kakul

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Suhendra, I. W., Agung, A. A., & Maba, W. (2019). Development Strategy Of Village Tourism Area In Petulu Village, Gianyar Regency. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review, 10(02), 21364-21375.
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Feb 11, 2019
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